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We fully service, calibrate, and inspect cosmetic lasers before and after the sale.

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About CosmoLaser

Since 2016, CosmoLaser has been the premier service provider for laser equipment service, buying and selling laser machines. We have assembled an incredible team of experienced engineers and laser technicians to provide you with top quality assistance in a timely fashion. We offer a wide variety of services, including emergency laser repair, preventative laser maintenance and replacement part sales for a large range of laser machines.

Apart from this we provide onsite training for your staff with qualified laser technician. Participants will learn the physics behind laser and light therapy in order to perform laser treatments using any machine in any setting for better results. We provide laser accessories and consumable item for your daily uses.

Repair Service

Cosmo Laser is the premier company in the service and repair of cosmetic laser equipment, helping hundreds of clients with their laser machine needs since 2016. With just one call or email, one of our certified technicians will be on the way to provide you with best-in-class cosmetic laser repair.

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